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Byte Review
Byte Review

If you have always worried about how your smile looks to people, chances are you might have tried to fix the bad parts of your smile earlier. Now, there is nothing wrong with crooked teeth. Lots of people have crooked teeth and due to multiple reasons. It could include injuries, or abnormal growth like an overbite or something like that. Bottom line, it happens to everybody. 

Most people tend to go to an orthodontist to help fix their teeth, but they can be incredibly expensive. 

This is why we bring to you Byte, an easy in-home method to fix up your smile without much effort at all. 

What is Byte?

Byte is a unique piece of teledentistry model that allows users to get proper orthodontic work and a better smile all from the comfort of their own home. Byte is highly affordable and reliable. If you go by the thousands of reviews by actual customers, you will realize the true effects of Byte. 

Byte has been featured in numerous media platforms and has often been appreciated for its reliability and effectiveness. If you were looking for fixing up your smile and do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on some orthodontist and some expensive practice, Byte is the resolve you need.

Byte Features

Byte not only offers an effective approach, but also a reliable one. With great features and quality materials used in its production, Byte is easily one of the best ways to get your teeth fixed at home. 

  1. Uses teledentistry platform to provide an accurate impression of your teeth: Byte uses technology and the advancements in teledentistry to create an accurate impression of your teeth. This allows for an incredibly personalized treatment.
  2. Effective retainers: The package comes with a set of retainers as well. Once your impression has been taken, the company provides you with retainers that are especially designed for you.
  3. Multiple accessories : Not only that, but it also comes with multiple accessories for you to use. From something called a HyperByte, an instrument that speeds up the process of fixing your teeth, whitener, aligner case, an extraction tool and so forth.
  4. Easy to use: With Byte, fixing up your teeth at home proves to be an easy task. You do not have to do a lot honestly, simply send your impressions and allow them to make you a personalized treatment plan. You only need to follow it for the best results.
  5. Professional treatment: The overall treatment is super professional and done with absolute care. Once you are done with it, you will not regret your decision to choose Byte.
  6. At-home process: You do not even have to leave your home. SImply sit and order Byte impression kit at your home. Send it back once you have done the necessary and wait for your treatment plan to arrive. Simple as that.

How to use Byte?

The entire process is quite simple actually. 

  1. Byte home impressions are shipped to you and you simply need to follow the instructions given. The process takes about 15 minutes and comes with total instructions, including how to return the impressions. 
  2. Once received, your impressions are used by Byte orthodontists to create your personalized treatment plan. This includes using several photos for their “Smile Science” to observe your face proportions, features, and symmetry to design the best smile for you.
  3. Using remote monitoring throughout treatment, your doctor tracks your progress with Byte.

That is all!

Pros and Cons


  1. Professional care and treatment
  2. Easy to use and continue
  3. In-house treatment
  4. HyperByte acceleration device included
  5. Lifetime guarantee


  1. You might not be able to engage heavily with the orthodontists that create your plan. You simply have to follow their directions.
  2. The overall treatment though absolute, is also a little expensive.
  3. Complicated health insurance reimbursement process.

Where to buy Byte and how much is it?

You can easily find Byte products on their merchant website. They have an entire collection of products that help in tandem with the basic Byte regime you have to follow. For an extensive care treatment, you can check the multiple products Byte has to offer.

You can get,

Byte Impression Kit for $95. If you shop with us, we guarantee a 75% discount, so you can get your very own Byte for $29.95

BrightByte starting at $20

HyperByte for $699

Byte Retainers for $129

Final Verdict

Based on the research we conducted, choosing Byte is a good move, provided you’re willing to pay more for the better, faster results. Yes, the results are no doubt extraordinary, however, the price tag on Byte is quite high. This is due to the actual professionally based treatment plan that is created for you. Since it is totally personalized, Byte ends up becoming quite the pricey product. However, if you are adamant about fixing your smile, there is simply no better in-house tool than Byte. 

Customer Reviews

Linda C.

“I don’t know about you but spending all this time indoors has made me think about things way too much. Like my smile. I don’t like it. I know many people don’t like their smiles, but this doesn’t mean we should just accept it! I want change! It may be weird to imagine thinking about it so much, but it’s something about myself that I’ve just never been comfortable with. For years I didn’t do anything about it except think about how much I didn’t like it. This was a terrible use of my time! I was wasting years of my life with this mindset.”

Tilly K.

“For years I didn’t do anything about it except think about how much I didn’t like it. Well I must have searched for teeth straightening options online somewhere one day because as I was thinking about it, I noticed an ad near the side of my computer screen. It was for byte invisible braces and it had a before-and-after picture of a woman who, oddly, looked quite like me.

In the first picture she was holding her hand over her mouth like she was embarrassed about something. In the second she was smiling beautifully. I could relate to the first picture, but sadly, not to the second. I clicked on the picture. I wanted the solution she looked like she had found. Could this work for me, too? Could byte be the solution to this problem I’ve suffered with for so long? (SPOILER ALERT: It did and it was!)”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Byte take insurance?

You may be wondering, how much is Byte with insurance? Byte doesn’t take payment directly from insurance companies, but it’s possible to be reimbursed for Byte aligners directly by your insurance company if you get orthodontic benefits with your dental coverage. If needed, Byte will provide the required forms to file a claim.

How long do you wear Byte? 

Byte treatment plans vary in duration depending on the person, but the process typically takes 2-4 months. If you use HyperByte, this treatment can easily be cut in half.

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